A growing church in Crestview, Florida.




We were created to worship God…to live in communion with Him. Worship is offering our entire life back to Him. Worship isn’t an event. It’s not something we attend. It isn’t an hour on Sundays. Worship is everything we are, leveraged for God’s  glory.

If our entire lives are worship, then why do we get together on Sundays for a worship service? The Bible is filled with examples of the church gathering together to praise God, hear and teach scripture, pray for each other, serve and meet needs, and enjoy community together.

In our worship services, we want the Bible to be central to everything we do. Everything we do in worship is designed to help the church encounter the Living God and be changed by His grace. We simply want to help others see how big, powerful, and awesome Jesus is, how much we need Him, and how His love and grace are real.

In the end, we want people to walk away having sensed the presence of God, and having been changed by Him. Our worship is a response to who He is, and all He has done.

Our services are casual, not because we just like wearing jeans and flip-flops. Rather, it is because we want to be a place where all feel welcomed. We are simply more concerned with what God is doing inside your heart and through your life than what you have on.

We love music, in fact we like it a lot, (and we like it a little loud too!) but we recognize that it is the truth of what we sing that is the most significant. So in services you will see a diverse group of people leading you in worship on Sundays, you will hear guitars and drums, and you will sing along with some amazing music. Most importantly, all of this is designed to help you see how great our God is and to lead you to love Him and live your life for His glory.