A growing church in Crestview, Florida.



Our Mission:

To lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is worth everything, and our mission as a church is simple. We want to lead people to grow in a relationship with Him.  We believe that grace, God’s undeserved grace and love that He has given us in Christ, really does change everything.  Our lives are lived for His glory not to earn this love, but as a response to this love. We simply believe that we are all broken people leading broken people to the only place we can be made whole. That place is in our relationship with Jesus.

Our Core Values:

Our Core Values reflect markers of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, not only for individuals, but for the entire church.

Love God and Love People

Everything we do as followers of Christ is a response to the great love God has shown us. God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). This incredible truth transforms us as we pour our lives back to God as worship for what He has done. The overflow of loving God is that we love people. The Bible tells us we will be known by how well we love (John 13:35) and that if we love God, the natural overflow is a love for people (1 John 4:19-21).

Give Grace and Hold Truth

We are broken people leading broken people to the only One who can make us whole. No one is perfect except Jesus. Therefore, because we have freely received His grace, we freely extend it. We believe no one is too far off from God that He can’t change their hearts. At the same time, we hold unswervingly to Scripture as our authority and trust the promises of God.

Grow Together and Live Sent

We aren’t called to do life alone. By God’s design we need others to challenge us, encourage us, and hold us accountable. A mark of a follower of Jesus is being involved in community with others. As we help each other grow, we also pour our lives out for the sake of those who don’t yet know Christ, for the next generation, and for the broken, hurting, and marginalized.

…because Jesus is Worth It.

There is nothing Jesus asks of us that he isn’t worthy of. He is worth all honor and trust. Our lives of worship are a reflection that whatever He asks, and wherever He leads…He is worth it!

Our Strategy:

Our strategy reflects how we carry out our Mission and see our Core Values come to life.

Encounter God – Worship

through the written, living and indwelling Word

Connect with Others – Community

in authentic biblical community

Serve the World – Mission

on mission with God