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smallgroupsbannerWhat would it look like to learn about Jesus, live generously with others, and serve your community?

Small groups are core to Emmanuel’s belief in discipleship and connections. In Acts 2 we read how the early church met together not just in the temple, but also from house to house. As we grow in size, small groups are a way for a large church to feel small. In small group you won’t just meet people; rather, you will grow deep friendships with people who will love and challenge you as you journey together to become more like Jesus.

We believe in the power of God’s Word to transform us and we believe the greatest transformation occurs in the context of community as we support, pray for, and provide accountability for each other as we journey together towards becoming like Christ. The studies our groups do are centered in the Word and are all aimed at helping us understand how the Gospel of Jesus changes everything about our lives.

Who meets in small groups?

Our philosophy at Emmanuel is this: If you are alive…you need to be in small group! Everyone from our preschoolers to our oldest adults meets in small group. Why?…because we were made to grow in our faith together. Small groups often naturally form with people with common connections such as age and/or stage of life. Couples, men, women, college…we have a group for everyone!

When do small groups meet?

Small groups meet on Sunday evenings from 5-7pm or Wednesday evenings from 5:45-7:45. During these times, preschoolers, children, and students experience their own age-graded small groups on campus. There are some adult small groups that meet throughout the week on various nights. We launch new semesters of small groups each January and August.

Where do small groups meet?

Our adult small groups meet in host homes throughout Crestview and the surrounding area. As we have grown, we have had to be creative with space, so our adult groups meet off campus. We realized that even though we have quickly run out of space on campus, God has provided us with an unlimited resource of living rooms! All children and student small groups meet on campus.

Who leads small groups?

Small groups are led by members of Emmanuel who are simply passionate to see people discover the truth of His Word and connect with others. They are people just like you who are continuing to discover the depths and riches of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

How do I get connected in a small group?

The best time to get connected to a small group is at the beginning of a small group semester. We host an event called Group Connect where you can meet leaders and groups, see what studies are offered, and where groups meet. At Group Connect, volunteers are available to assist you in finding a group that is a good fit. It is our joy to see people get connected in small groups! If you miss Group Connect, you can still get plugged into a small group throughout the semester by contacting questions@ebccrestview.com.

For an online listing of our small groups, check this out.