A growing church in Crestview, Florida.



The desire to make the name and grace of Jesus Christ known is what compelled a group of people to band together, not necessarily to start a church, but rather to join a movement…a movement of God’s kingdom…a movement that would change lives….a movement to see the name of Jesus Christ lifted high in Crestview and throughout the world.

Birthed with the desire to follow God as He was leading, Emmanuel began in a rented building in downtown Crestview in June, 1981. God soon provided the opportunity to purchase the 17 acres of land where Emmanuel currently stands. The original members of Emmanuel prayed and fasted for 40 days, selling personal possessions, land, and even cars. After the 40 days, God provided all of the money needed to buy the land, and on Easter Sunday 1982, ground was broken for our first building.

What began in a rented building in downtown Crestview, has grown to reach countless numbers of people for the cause of Christ here in our city and around the world. In addition to work here in Florida and the U.S., Emmanuel has sent missionaries to four continents. Those serving in our military who call Emmanuel ‘home’ are spread out across the world shining His light in darkness, and daily, the people of Emmanuel bring the hope of Christ to their neighborhoods, workplaces, and community.

Since Emmanuel was founded, many things have changed, but amidst all of the changes, there are some things that have not changed. Our desire remains to see people genuinely encounter the living God, connect with others, and to serve the world by living passionately for His glory. Our purpose and vision have always been rooted, founded, and centered in God’s Word. Our heart for children and families remains. We are still committed to making Jesus known in Crestview and among the nations.

Our mission is simple: ‘We exist to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ,’ …because this story isn’t really about Emmanuel. It isn’t about this church, these buildings, or this campus. This story is all about Jesus Christ. This story is about grace. This story is about a God who puts broken things back together…a God who can truly move mountains…a God who is mighty to save…a God who has simply invited us to join His story.

And we believe that greater things are yet to come…