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The story of redemption is the story of a just and loving God calling lost and rebellious people back to Himself. He has been writing this grand and glorious narrative of His goodness and grace since before time began. We urge you to explore this story further.

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Baptism is a special spiritual marker in your life and an opportunity to share your faith in Christ with others. When you are baptized, no matter what your age or background, you are obeying Jesus’ command to all of His followers.

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Every Christ-follower is called to belong to the local church. Membership is about more than attending church meetings. Members commit to joining a spiritual family that provides encouragement and support. They are called to a higher degree of responsibility, service and sacrifice. Our staff and leaders commit to assist our members with care, counsel, prayer and teaching.

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What happens here on the Emmanuel Campus every week is a beautiful thing: people gathering to worship God and to encourage each other. If you look around you might notice that it takes an incredible number of volunteers to make it all happen.

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Small Groups

Small groups are core to Emmanuel’s belief in discipleship and connections. In Acts 2 we read how the early church met together not just in the temple, but also from house to house. As we grow in size, small groups are a way for a large church to feel small. In small group you won’t just meet people; rather, you will grow deep friendships with people who will love and challenge you as you journey together to become more like Jesus.

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Our goal is to be a faith family that changes the world and partners with our brothers and sisters here and around the world to produce disciples and churches around our city, this country, and among the nations. We desire to spend our lives to make Jesus famous. You were created to impact the world for the glory of Christ. How is God stirring in you to go?

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