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KIDS (K-5th)

Our desire for the kids of Emmanuel is for them to have a deeply rooted confidence in the character of God so they passionately follow Him through good and bad times. We partner with parents to lead their children by providing environments, curriculum and resources that center on the gospel and teach the nature and character of God.

Hangar252Morning_SmallHangar 252 Kids meet on Sunday morning during the 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am Worship Services. Our Sunday morning worship environment for elementary-aged kids (K-5th Grade) provides a large group gathering for worship and teaching  that is interactive, engaging, and fun for kids.

Hangar252Night_SmallOur Sunday evening environment for Hangar 252 Kidsis a place to connect in small groups. Kids meet together for a time of worship, then divide in age-graded small groups where adult leaders make the teaching from Sunday morning even more personal and practical for them.

Hangar252FLightTraining_SmallOn Wednesday evenings during Flight Training, kids learn biblical truths that will give them a strong spiritual foundation. We would like to partner with parents and work   together to grow spiritually strong children. Kids meet in small groups with an adult    leader who intentionally invests truth into their lives.

When you come on campus, there will be signs directing you to the Field House, the building that houses the Zone. There you will be greeted and assisted to the check-in desk. At the check-in desk you will fill out some basic information about your child (this simply helps us provide a safe environment).First Time to The Hangar?

In order to save time on Sunday, feel free to download the registration form here and bring it completely filled out.   After you have checked your child in, you will receive a sticker with a unique identification code on it. When you return to get your child, our volunteers will use this ID sticker to match you and your child. No children are allowed to leave with adults who do not present a matching ID sticker. This helps ensure the safety of all of our EBC kids!  If for some reason your child needs you during one of the services, using our paging system, your ID code will appear on the screen in the worship center, notifying you to come to The Hangar.

Children with Special Needs

At Emmanuel we are committed to providing environments that accommodate families of children with special needs. Because every child is created uniquely by God, our desire is for all children to learn and know the love of Jesus. On Sunday mornings, during our 11am service we offer a worship and learning environment for children ages 4 years – 5th grade with special needs who may need an alternative to a large group gathering. This group meets in The Hangar (Children’s Building) in Gate 16.

So that we can best serve you and your child, before visiting Emmanuel we would love for you to contact us and let us know of your child’s specific needs. We look forward to partnering with you to invest the love and truth of Jesus Christ into your child’s life.


Be sure to check our resources page to stay in the loop with what your child is learning in The Hangar and how you can reinforce it throughout the week at home.

At Emmanuel we would love to have the opportunity to minister with and to your child and your family. One of our goals is to equip parents to lead their children. As part of this strategy we periodically offer Take-Off.

Hangar252TakeOff_SmallWhat is Take Off?

Take Off is a unique presentation where parents and kids learn what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Take Off is a one-time class developed to give parents a tool to help them start talking to their kids about faith. If your child is asking questions of faith, then Take Off is designed just for you and your child!

Who’s it for? Elementary aged kids and their parents.

What are the details? Take Off will last approximately 20-25 minutes and will being promptly following the 9:30 service. If you normally attend the 11:00 service, on the date of Take Off you may wish to attend the 9:30 so that you
will be able to enter into service on time. Also, if you have younger children who are already in Discovery Park, you can feel free to pick them up following the conclusion of Take Off.

What happens after take off? During Take Off parents are given resources and tools to continue the conversation with their child at home. Once you feel your child is at a level of understanding, you will able to follow up with a member of the ministry team.

How do I register? Glad you asked! You can register right here!

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