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Discovery Park :: January 7, 2018

The following are family resources from Emmanuel Baptist Church, Crestview, Florida designed to help adults continue the conversation of faith at home with their children. Each week, you will find new content that reinforces the things your kids have learned at church.

January 7, 2018

Bible Story Focus: Jesus can do things we can’t—“Catching Fish” • Luke 5:1-7

Memory Verse: “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26, NIV

Key Question: Who can do anything?

Bottom Line: Jesus can do anything.

Basic Truth: Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

Wednesday Night on campus activities will start back this Wednesday Night, January 10th. In Discovery Park, we will be beginning a new series called “Auto-B-Good”. In a style very similar to Pixar Cars, this series teaches kids about life lessons in a fun way that captures your child’s attention. If you have not been attending on Sunday nights and would like to start, please let Suzanne Diven know at suzanne@ebccrestview.com. We hope you’ll consider beginning the new year with us by adding Wednesday nights to your agenda.

Also, we are always looking for more people to volunteer on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. So if this is something you think you might could commit to….once a month, every other week, or every week….please contact Suzanne Diven at suzanne@ebccrestview.com to learn more about the different opportunities to serve and what you need to do to get started serving.

By Holly Crawshaw


If you’re a parent who is growing in your faith, chances are you want the same thing for your child. It may feel overwhelming to know where to start, but that’s okay. The point is to start somewhere, keeping in mind that it’s never too early to begin making deposits in their spiritual foundation. Helping your child develop a faith that will one day become their own means instilling faith-growing practices into their daily habits.

Take advantage of the time you already have with them in the natural rhythm of your day—during morning time, drive time, bath time, and cuddle time. Start developing these habits now by practicing these four faith skills when they are young . . .


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