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Discovery Park :: November 5, 2017

The following are family resources from Emmanuel Baptist Church, Crestview, Florida designed to help adults continue the conversation of faith at home with their children. Each week, you will find new content that reinforces the things your kids have learned at church.

November 5, 2017


Bible Story Focus: I am thankful for God’s commandments.

Ten Commandments • Exodus 20

Memory Verse: “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart.” Psalm 111:1, ESV

Key Question: Who can you thank for everything?

Bottom Line: I can thank God for everything.

Basic Truth: God made me.

 On Wednesday nights through December 13th, come join us in Discovery Park for a lesson with Boz the Bear.




This is an excerpt from the phase guide: Parenting Your Two-Year-Old by Kristen Ivy and Reggie Joiner

Parenting is hard. Just when you think you understand your baby, everything changes. And then you have to get re-acquainted with them and figure out a new way to parent. It might be helpful to know that every child at every phase is asking a unique and fundamental question. How you answer that question for your child will communicate the one thing they need most: LOVE.

Life for your preschooler can be confusing. It’s okay to throw a ball, but not a rock. You can hug your friend, but not squeeze his neck. Your preschooler is learning the rules for life and encountering some necessary discipline.
Your preschooler is asking one major question:

Your preschooler needs to know you love them—even when they make bad choices. As the parent of a kid who may test your limits on a daily (or hourly) basis, you may feel overwhelmed at times. But remember this, in order to give your preschooler the love and discipline they need, you need to do one thing:
EMBRACE their physical needs.

When you embrace your preschooler’s needs, you . .
communicate that they are safe,
establish that the world can be trusted,
and demonstrate that they are worth loving.
You are probably doing more than you realize to show your preschooler how much you love them.

What are the ways you already show up consistently to meet their physical needs?

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