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Easter 2017: What to Expect

EBC Family,

Easter is next Sunday! We have the opportunity to celebrate the greatest event in history …. the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!
Easter is a time when many people are more receptive to the Gospel and an invitation to church than any other time. With that in mind, we could use your help in creating a warm and welcoming environment for our guests on Easter Sunday.
Here are several ways you can partner with us to help make this Easter a great experience for everyone.

Pray for and invite someone who desperately needs the hope of Christ to one of the Easter worship services.
– use the invite card from the ministry guide
– share Easter info on Social Media
– Most importantly, personally invite someone.

Consider volunteering on campus Easter Sunday
Email questions@ebccrestview.com or call the church office
850-682-9416 if you are available to serve in one of our
ministry areas during one of the worship services.

Consider joining us for the 8:00am worship service so that seating for guests will be available during the 9:30am and 11:00am worship services. Park as far away from the Main Building as possible—leaving Guest parking spaces open.

Parking is available behind Discovery Park for families with preschoolers. They even get a fun wagon ride!

Choose a seat front and center – It is awkward and uncomfortable for guests to climb over you to a seat or walk all the way to the front once the service has started.

Look for new people—Our Connections Team greets guests every week and they are well-prepared—but if you happen to notice someone looking a bit lost, please take the time to introduce yourself, welcome them, and escort them to the place they are trying to get to. You may be the first person on campus they meet, and it could be their first time in a church …ever!

Please join us in prayer for salvation to abound. We are praying for the hurting to find healing, for the lost to be found, and for the skeptical to embrace the Savior–all through the life, love, and power of Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for helping make this Easter Celebration the best yet!