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Discovery Park :: 02/26/2017

Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a constant attitude.” Martin Luther King Jr.

In this week’s lesson, A woman shows great love for Jesus because He loves her and forgives her. Watch the video here.

Let your kids know that when they’ve been hurt by other people’s words or actions, they have a choice to make: Why choose forgiveness?


 “Whatever’s happening today, remember it is only ONE SCENE in a long movie. Don’t treat it like it’s the whole story. Keep writing the story.” Dr. Henry Cloud

AT Bath Time, wash your child’s feet & talk about the Bible story this week; a woman was so thankful Jesus loved her, she washed His feet.

Stories are a powerful way to help kids understand the world around them, develop empathy, and learn to resolve conflict. This month, schedule a family night. Choose a favorite movie to watch and make your favorite snacks. Then talk about some of the themes and how they relates to your own family storyline #StoriesMatter


At PlayTime: Let your child see how high she can stack blocks. Our memory verse says Jesus’ love for us is SO big we can’t even measure it.


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At Cuddle Time, pray, “Dear God, thank you for our neighbors. Help us take care of them when they need it!”