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Discovery Park :: 02/19/17



February 19 – February 25, 2017



Days of the Week-07 Green

06855017-B6DB-4B52-8CD1-9F54B62BC9F0In this week’s lesson, Jesus helps a centurion when he asks for it. You can watch the video with your child here.


Days of the Week-01 Green

06855017-B6DB-4B52-8CD1-9F54B62BC9F0“Resist the temptation to fix your child’s problems and learn instead to respond in a way that helps them grow.” Don’t Miss It


Days of the Week-02 Green

06855017-B6DB-4B52-8CD1-9F54B62BC9F0F736D54E-2CD3-46C7-9DBE-0EE9508B277E74E16553-2599-424D-A518-DB63B7442BC7PRESCHOOL POST: “Coaching Friendship”



Days of the Week-03 Wednesday

Twitter_Icon Don’t underestimate the importance of a child seeing a mother and father engaged in a friendship and interacting in an affectionate way.

Twitter_IconBathTime:Say, the bath soap is supposed to get you clean if you will help scrub with it! Jesus will help us do what we’re supposed to do too!

Days of the Week-04 Green

 Facebook_IconWhen you imagine the end for your kids, you want them to have sexual integrity. The best time to introduce it is when children are young when you can naturally teach them healthy values.So start now and introduce your child to their body so they will discover their body and define privacy. #JustaPhase



Days of the Week-05 Green

Twitter_IconFacebook_IconPlay Time: Play a helping game with your child. How many ways can you help each other? Remind him that Jesus will help us when we ask Him!



Days of the Week-06

Twitter_IconFacebook_Icon Check out this month’s Parent Cue Live podcast!


Twitter_IconFacebook_IconAt CuddleTime pray with your child, Thank you God for a friend like Jesus! Thank You that He forgives us & keeps loving us, no matter what.