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I Do, I Don’t: Seek God + Resources

I Do I Don’t: Seek God from EBCCrestview on Vimeo.

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This week we will learn how God’s design for healthy relationships and a strong marriage begins with us finding the right “One” – Jesus.
The more you love God, the more capacity you will have to love each other.
Having a healthy marriage starts with seeking God together, as God is your “one” and your spouse is your “two”.
Read Matthew 22:37-40, Ephesians 3:14-21, Matthew 6:33

Do you agree with the statements that we often “ask too much of marriage?” or “expect too much from our spouse?” If so, in what way?

God is the “One” who ultimately fulfills us, not our mate. If this is so, what contribution does our mate make to our life?

What has your marriage revealed to you about your sinful attitudes, selfish behaviors, and other character flaws? What aspect, event, or element of your marriage has taught you the most about how God loves us?

Do a reality check: How much of a priority is seeking God together in your marriage? Why? If you are not praying together, what’s preventing you from doing so?

Seek God and discover who you are in Him, as this will prepare you for your spouse. God should always be your “one” and your spouse will become your “two”.

Read Matthew 22:37-40, Psalm 10:4-6, and 2 Chronicles 7:14.
Is seeking God a priority in your life right now? Why or why not? What would it look like for you to fully seek God in your life?

God is woven into every area of our lives. In what ways do see God woven into your life?

How would you describe your current prayer life? Where might you need improvement?

Share one of the ways reading God’s Word has blessed your life.
“Become the kind of person you want to marry.” What kind of person do you know you need to become for your future spouse?

If you are single, pray daily for God to be first in every area of your life. If you do marry, God already knows who that person will be. Pray for God to work on your heart now.
If you are married, commit to pray together daily. Ask God to be first in your life and pray that He will empower you to protect your priorities. Pray for each other.
If you are divorced, know that there is healing and hope in the death and resurrection of Christ. Walk in God’s grace that makes all things new and pray for the strength to trust Christ in all things.