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Discovery Park :: 01/22/17

  • In this week’s lesson, ten lepers ask Jesus to heal them, and He does. You can watch the video here.
  • 4 easy ways to be a better parent.
  • At Bath Time hide a toy or the soap & ask your child where is it? Next ask, “Do you know where Jesus is? He’s always there when we need Him!”
  • What kind of consistent deposits are you making in your personal life, for the sake of your family life? #MakeitPersonal
  • At Play Time, use different items to count to 10: 10 crayons, 10 toys, etc. Talk about how the 10 sick men needed Jesus to make them better.
  • Drive Time: As you drive around, point at things we need-a grocery store, stop signs, etc. Ask, Who is there when we need Him? Jesus is there when we need Him!