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Advent 2016

advent-2016-bannerAdvent, formed from a Latin word meaning coming or arrival, is about the coming of Christ. It’s the traditional celebration of the first advent of Jesus and the anxious awaiting of His second. This season is a time of remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting, and a time of reflecting upon the promises of God and anticipating the fulfillment of those promises with patience, prayer, and preparedness.

The Christmas season helps us remember that we are a part of a rich story.  God is restoring and redeeming all things and He invites us to be a part of the great work He is doing. We pray that God will lead us to live lives marked by a deeper generosity, faith, hope, peace, joy, love, and mission – all because of Jesus.

This year we invite you to participate in a 5 lesson study on who Jesus was born to be. We encourage you to walk through these lessons with your family and discuss the questions together. These lessons are available for download below.


Download here:

Week 1 – God With Us
Week 2 – Human Like Us
Week 3 – Our Servant
Week 4 – Our Light
Week 5 – Our Savior


We also have an Advent Calendar available for download that you can use to help you fully experience this advent season with your family. This calendar has some opportunities for your family to serve together and Scripture to read each day in December leading up to Christmas. We encourage you to download and print the advent calendar so you and your family can experience and spread the joy of the Lord this Christmas Season.

Download the calendar here: Advent Calendar 2016