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Discovery Park :: 10/23/16

  • In this week’s lesson, God uses a cloud by day & fire by night to show Moses & the Israelites the right way to go.
  • Fear, in the face of things worth being afraid of, does not have to be our response—in us, or in our kids.
  • At bath time, line up bath toys on the side of the tub and say the memory verse as your child nudges a toy into the water for each word!
  • We don’t have to be afraid to share our hurt. Challenge yourself to open up to a friend, mentor, professional counselor, or family member (not your spouse).
  • At play time, use a bag of cotton balls to make clouds. Talk about how God used a big cloud each day to help lead Moses & the Israelites.
  • During drive time, talk about which way you will go. When we go God’s way we are always going the right way, because God’s way is perfect!