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Discovery Park :: 09/11/16

  •  In this week’s lesson God makes a rainbow as a symbol that He keeps His promises. Watch here.
  • If your discipline tactics just aren’t working anymore, here are 5 discipline mantras that might help.
  • For Bath Time, make ice cubes with food coloring to play with in the bath.Talk about how God made a rainbow as a sign of His promise to Noah.
  • When your child brings home artwork from school, display it as carefully as you display any other artwork.
  • At Play Time, make paint from a little water & Kool-aid mix. Let you child paint a rainbow. He can “scratch & sniff” each color when it dries!
  • For Drive Time, when you put on your seat belt say, “Trust the Lord with all your heart. Proverbs 3:5” & make a heart shape with your hands.