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Discovery Park :: 9/4/16

  • In this week’s lesson, Noah builds a boat because He believes what God says. Here’s the video.
  • The temptation is to think our failures should disqualify us as a parent. At least a good one. Here’s why they don’t.
  • At Bath Time, let your child play with your boat in the tub. Talk about how Noah trusted God & built a boat, just like God told him to do.
  • Parent Cue: In the car today, put on some music, crank up the volume and show your child how to boogie.
  • At Play Time, have a fun snack of Babybel® cheese, then use the red wax wrapper & make a boat. Talk about how Noah made a boat, too!
  • Here’s the link to this month’s song, if you’d like to sing along at home or in the car.