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Discovery Park :: 08/14/16

  • In this week’s lesson we learn that God has a plan for me, just as He did for Abraham! Watch the video here:
  • The easy way to double the fun you have with your kids –  #parentcue
  • At Bath Time divide a pile of bubbles then push them back together-talk about how God loves us SO that nothing can separate us from His love.
  • Play is how your child communicates. So, get down on the floor, on their level, and enter into their world. #FunMatters
  • At Play Time, make cookies with your child from a simple recipe. Talk about how, like a recipe, God has an amazing plan for His life, too!
  • As you drive, ask your child to name a few things he loves. Tell him that God loves him just because He made him & that will never change.