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New Teaching Series: I Get So Emojinal

This Sunday we are kicking off a brand new series through the Book of Psalms called I Get So Emojinal.  The songs and poems of Psalms, though written thousands of years ago, deeply resonate with our emotions and awaken our hearts to what a true life with the God of the universe should look like.

Over the next two months, we are going to be looking at the emotions that so often rule our hearts and lives.  Our goal through this series is to learn to control our moods before they control us by rooting our perspective in God and His truth.  We’ll never manage our emotions if we don’t change our perspective.  It’s not about getting rid of them, denying them, or concealing them.  It’s about steering them down the right path.  We need to tune into truth because what we are tuned into determines where we end up.  We need to realize that the condition of our soul is always under our control, though our circumstances aren’t.  By owning our emotions, we can choose where our focus should be.  Join us over June and July as we discover the power of perspective and the difference our faith in God makes as we navigate the emotional landscape of life.