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Discovery Park :: 3/13/16

  • In this week’s lesson,Jesus tells the disciples to follow Him. You can watch the video with your child here.
  • If we want our kids to feel like they can tell us anything, then we need to be willing to listen to anything.
  • Bath Time: Use bath crayons to make a line around the tub with a happy face at the end. Talk about how happy we are when we follow Jesus!
  • Practice listening to your preschooler. Ask questions about their day, thoughts, & feelings. Then just listen to what they have to say.
  • At Play Time, play follow the leader with your child. When you’re done talk about how Jesus is the best leader to follow because He loves us.
  • As you drive, play “Follow That Car,” tell your child that just like he chose which cars to follow, it’s up to him to chose to follow Jesus.