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Discovery Park :: 10/4/2015

  • In this week’s lesson God helps Gideon be brave & do what He says! Watch the video with your child here: http://bit.ly/1N5eUfc
  • Spend some time learning about, celebrating, and developing your child’s individuality. Let them make their own mark. http://bit.ly/1K6zoku
  • During Bath Time, use a super character toy & ask your child how that character is brave. Then talk about how your child can be brave too.
  • At Play Time, march around the yard with a toy trumpet! Stop, sound the trumpet, strike a superhero pose & shout, “Be strong and courageous!”
  • This month’s song is “God Made Me Brave”. You can get it here to sing along in the car or at home: http://bit.ly/1UmOU6T