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Discovery Park :: 9/14/2015

– In this week’s lesson God uses Rahab & the Israelite spies to protect one another. Watch the video with your child here: http://bit.ly/1JtiMsC.

– Teaching kids character is what helps them handle technology in a responsible way: http://bit.ly/1JFmxqg.

– At BathTime let your child hide a bath toy under a washcloth. Talk about how Rahab hid the spies to protect them & how God protects us!

– At Playtime, play hide & seek.Talk about how Rahab helped keep the spies safe & later, the spies protected Rahab! God protected them all!

– God gives us people who help us. Police officers, mail carriers, etc.If you see one, name the person, say what they do & thank God for them!