A growing church in Crestview, Florida.

Discovery Park :: 8/16/15

Bible Story: Jesus tells a parable about a lost coin to help us know how much God loves us. Here’s the video: http://bit.ly/1Fba9uZ

How to invite others into the lives of your kids: http://theparentcue.org/how-to-invite-others-to-invest-in-the-lives-of-your-kids/

At BathTime: Use bath crayons to practice drawing hearts. Draws three hearts, count them together & say “One, two, three! God loves me!”

For PlayTime show your child a large coin, hide the coin and let her find it. Talk about how much God loves us & will always look for us.

Here’s some encouraging thoughts just for parents: http://theparentcue.org/parent-link-live/