A growing church in Crestview, Florida.

Six Things to Be Excited About

Ok, so it’s really hard to narrow it down to six things to be excited about when there’s so many, but we tried! Earlier this week, a family that is new to Crestview and Emmanuel shared with a staff member one of the reasons they felt like EBC was the church for them to plug their lives into. After visiting several Sundays and attending a small group they shared this: We could just tell that this church wasn’t a place where people just talked about following Jesus, or where serving others and sharing the Gospel was just a nice idea that was talked about, but rather that this is a place where people move in to action.

It’s time to take some pause and thank God for all He is doing. We can’t sum it all up, but here are a few highlights:

1) A team is about to take the Gospel to bikers in Daytona. For a group from EBC has travel to Daytona to partner with another local church to share the Gospel to groups of people who would normally be resistant. God uses a ‘donation-only’ parking lot, free cookies, a tent for prayer, and conversations to reveal Himself to people. Let’s pray for great things this coming week.

2) Clean water is coming to Swaziland. Your gifts are making a different. Better yet, we have seen and heard beautiful stories of God moving people into action to give sacrificially and generously. Students are selling baked goods. Small groups are having yard sales. Families are giving up things. God’s faithfulness through the people of EBC is making a huge difference.

3) Through our current teaching series,  God is renovating hearts. It is amazing to hear stories of people owning their past decisions, trusting Christ to redeem them, and resolving, by His grace, to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and live a story that impacts others.

4) If you have a preschooler, you’ve probably heard the song ‘Choose this Day’ oh, about 216 times by now. Our kids have been learning and memorizing the truth of Joshua 24:15 and discovering what it means to follow Jesus. We have some amazing volunteers who are pouring into our kids. On Sundays and Wednesdays. If you aren’t volunteering…you are missing out!!!

5) Small groups are bustling with all kinds of goodness. We have launched a new group this fall and had many folks get connected in groups who were not previously connected. We believe real life change happens in groups, and we are seeing that happen. Groups are stepping up to serve needs here in the church, in our community, and around the world. It is amazing. Only God can do this kind of stuff!

6) There is incredible stuff coming up that we believe God is going to use for great things: EBC Students Third World Weekend; Thrive Marriage Weekend; Adoption and Foster Care Information Meeting; plus others you can check out here. We are praying for a huge Domino Effect in our families, in our community, and for the nations.

Church, let’s be expectant for all God is going to do. Let’s live expectantly. Let’s invest in our families expectantly. Let’s invest in our neighbors and coworkers expectantly. Let’s serve our community expectantly. Let’s give expectantly….and the great thing is this: God is able to do even more than we expect or imagine! (Ephesians 3:20)